Bell pepper, snack your medicine daily


It is important to know that bell peppers are one of the most heavily pesticide-contaminated vegetables. Washing off does not work because the pesticides come in the ground and are being absorbed by the roots of the plant. Next to this bell pepper is a night shade plant. That means that people with auto immune diseases like arthritis and Crohn´s disease may have to avoid this vegetable. For 90 percent of the population, organic bell pepper is very healthy.

100 gram of this colorful vegetable contains 213% of the RDA of vitamin C and 101% of vitamin A. It contains 30 different kinds of carotenoids. The body produces vitamin A from carotenoids. It contains a big number of phytonutrients like the amino acid cystein. Scientists have found out that the huge number of nutrients in bell pepper lowers the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases or diabetes type 2.

Color makes no difference

A research from the USA shows that there is almost no difference in the abilities of different colored bell peppers to prevent cholesterol from oxidation. Though the green peppers showed a slightly better result than orange, red and yellow peppers. Indian research from 2016 though, showed that yellow and red peppers have more antioxidant content than green ones. There have not been enough studies on this yet. But it is highly probable that differences in ground quality and agricultural techniques are far more likely to cause influence on the nutrient volumes of bell peppers than colors do. A Jordan researcher mentions the fact that bell peppers grown on sheep manure have higher nutrient contents than bell peppers grown with conventional, synthetic minerals. According to other surveys, the amount of ripeness and the months of harvesting have an influence on the nutrient content as well. Each variety of bell peppers shows different nutrient contents.

What´s more important is the fact that scientists from all over the world acknowledge the medicinal power of bell pepper. It is a worldwide fact that bell peppers stop oxidation of cholesterol. Therefore it is a perfect vegetable to prevent cardiovascular problems.

Fibers in bell pepper

Free radicals are being eliminated by antioxidant nutrients. Free radicals possibly cause DNA-damage and cancer. Next to this fact, this hollow vegetable does contains a relative high amount of fibers. Fibers combat diabetes, according to the scientific world. Bell pepper help to prevent western diseases.

A bell pepper a day keeps the doctor away.

Italian research shows that bell peppers have a better effect for people with irritable bowel syndrome than a placebo. Since the beginning of the third millennium, more and more research is being done to the medicinal uses of food. Using food as a medicine seems to be a safe and effective way to cure and prevent all kind of stages of diseases.

Medicinal kitchen uses of bell pepper

How do you eat this vegetable, in order to benefit from its medicinal possibilities most efficiently? You eat it raw. French cuisine is not well known for a vegetarian meal but a crudité, a raw vegetable salad is one of the greatest salads in the world. Bell pepper is good for snacking. On the road, behind the computer screen, while having a picnic in the park, bell pepper is always a good choice. Snack your medicine and mix bell pepper with celery, tomato,  and cucumber. When you have a little more time you can put bell peppers in the oven till their skin turns completely black. Then you peel the skin of. Now you have peeled bell peppers. You can put them flat on a plate like a bell pepper carpaccio and enjoy your medicine!

My field of interest is the healing power of food. Latest scientific research shows that many food has medicinal values. I am researching whether people can get well by eating the right kinds of foods at the right time. What I have found during my research I write down in articles.