Basic Maintenance Tips of Your Car That You Can Easily Try At Home


Basic maintenance of your car is not a hard task to perform. Some simple and basic things that you can easily follow to keep your car well maintained. Followings tips may help you to safe money for the basic things such as using lubricants to avoid rusting which is a common problem of the car.

#1. Check Tyre Pressure:

Regular checkup of your car’s tyre pressure once in a week is advisable as well as ideal for your car. Bad tyre pressure of your car may affect your handling, comfort, fuel ecomony. So it is an easy task to perform.

#2. Clean the Break Dust Regularly:

There are all kinds of nasty staff as well as dust present in the brake dust. Leaving it too long without proer cleaning can harm your tyre as the combination of the road’s moisture, grime and heat that liberates from your break loosen the strength of the tyre. Brake dust can easily cling to wheel with a static electricity so clean cold water as well as a damp sponge will be the best cleaning u way.

#3.Check your seat belts:

There will be a series of a rubber belts which loop around the different types of pulleys as well as the driving accessories. Check your seat belt as well as a/c compressor in every 25,000 miles. It is advised to change your seat belt in every 50000 miles. You can go the fuel as well as engine bible to get more information.

#.4. Fuel Economy:

You also should be careful about the quality of the fuel that you are pouring to run the engine.

#5. Check Your Oil Level:

Be Cautious of the oil level of your car. The high level as well as low level of the oil of your car can create trouble for your engine. To get the oil level checked, park your car at ground level and you need to wait for some time to make the car cooled down each time after driving. Locating the desk top pull that out and also wipe that to clean. After doing this process you have to check the reading of the oil where it must be below the higher and above lower level.

#.4.Check the Tread Depth:

Slick as well as bald tyres are good for motor racing but they are not fitted for the roads. It might cost expensive to buy four new tyres but at the time of any accidents or fine it will be cheaper. A number of Car Service Hounslow companies can show you the way.

#5.Checking the Level of Your Coolant:

Your engine can not go without coolant. Different engine will have different cooling reservoirs. The handbook of your car might help you to find it. Normally it is bolted to one side of a semitransparent bottle. To check the coolant you might have to wait for some time where low and high markings would be there.The level of the coolant of your car should has to be between them.

It is mandatory that you should never take the radiator cap outside of the coolant levels. If the coolant system of your car be hot, then it is under pressure. This pressure release may brunt you.

#6. Keep the Paint Finish of your paints in a nice condition:

There are a good online services of car dealers as well as suppliers which can maintain the interior as well as exterior. A number of polished or wax car facilities are there to make your car up to date.

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Satyajit Seal
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