Bad Parenting

Have you ever looked around in this world and wondered why their are so many kids who are rude, into drugs and alcohol, swear at their parents and also yell at them? I look around and it amazes me that parents don’t want to take the time to parent their own kids. How sad is that? When kids are small, they are not bad, they don’t know right from wrong unless you teach them. So don’t you think it is our job as parents to raise them properly with love and morals? Why are people so lazy that they just let their kids do whatever they want?

Parenting isn’t always a fun job. It’s very tiring and it is not fun to have to make your kids behave. Some kids are very strong willed at a very young age even as young as 1. So say they are strong willed at 3, what will they be at 13 if you don’t nip in the bud? But I don’t see parents in the world nipping anything in the bud, they just don’t want to be bothered and let their own kids run their life. That is just so wrong. If we decide to have kids I feel it is our job to parent them into respectful human beings. We are doing them a great service as well as doing ourselves a great service too. I see too many parents who just want to be friends with their kids. You can’t always be a friend, you have to parent first and teach them right from wrong, teach them to respect others and let them know you are the boss.

I watch my neighborhood. Most parents just let their kids do whatever they want to do. I can see the ones who are followers and are going to get themselves in a lot of trouble. Why are so many kids angry? What do they have to be angry about? As a child you should be happy and feel loved most of the time. I was a firm Mom but I loved and still love my children to death. I truly have fantastic kids but I feel that is because I paid attention to them, parented them and taught them right from wrong and how to respect others. I loved them hard and always will but I do know they have to grow up and be independent individuals.

Parenting is a full time job and not many get that. We are here to love and raise our kids until we die. We will worry about them no matter what because we are parents. I wish more of the world would learn how to parent and make kids more respectful and caring and I feel kids would be whole lot happier if they felt their parents truly loved and cared for them. When a kid feels loved they blossom and the possibilities of their life are endless. Now no one can argue about how nice it is to be loved. I just wish people would learn to parent instead of shoving a kid off to daycare or out the door with a curfew. It’s just sad to me that so many people could care less but when something bad goes wrong they complain and yet they still don’t blame themselves. People you need to wake up, deal with issues and make things better for all the kids in the world.

Brandon Stosh
Owner, and writer for a site dedicated to defending your digital liberties, and helping you stay safe and secure online. Collective of other bloggers and knowledge as well.