Why Avoiding Stress in Your Relationship Is Key to Maintaining Good Health


According to Harvard Health Publications at Harvard Medical School, strong relationships are greatly important for our general health.

For most people, the holidays mean spending quality time with friends and family members. It represents a time where they can take advantage of getting involved in their community, planning charity events or even spending time engaging in quality conversations with the people that they love and appreciate the most.

Lifestyles such as these are not only fun and interesting but according to researchers, they are also essential for maintaining our good health. As a matter of fact, they are just as important as eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and maintaining a flourishing lifestyle.

Any type of good relationship is beneficial to our health, however, there is nothing better for us than a healthy, stable and peaceful relationship with a person that we love.

Many studies have proven that those who maintain healthy relationships and show commitment to each other, have a better chance of being happier and run the chance of living a longer healthier life.

Why Quality Relationships Help Reduce Stress

In general, we all know that healthy relationships are good for us but do we really know how important and how significant a great relationship could really be for us?

It has been proven by researchers that couples that are in harmony with each other have a much lower level of stress than couples that spend most of their time arguing and fighting.

Stress, as we are all fully aware, is very harmful for all of us, no matter how old we are. It affects the coronary arteries, it deregulates our insulin and it unbalances our immune system.

Furthermore, the greater the stress in our lives, the less capable we become in dealing with the normal events that challenge us every day.

Changes That Couples Go Through

Unfortunately, relationships are not perfect and all couples go through important changes at one point or another.  Regrettably, all of these issues and defiance can cause great stress to both parties involved.

Because we can’t control every situation and most of the time, life will challenge us with certain events that we have absolutely no power over, we need to understand how these events effect our ability to communicate with the one that we love.

Communication Is the Key to Avoid Stress in Your Relationship

The best way to avoid stress is to improve communication with one another. Communication is key to a health, harmonious, and well balanced, relationship.

It is important to ‘’open up’’ to your better half. Sometimes, we tend to think that a friend has a better ‘’ear’’ when it comes to speaking about things that are bothering us.

In this case, turning away from our partner can be one of the most damaging things that we can do. This can cause our spouse to feel rejected and therefore, leave them feeling angry. This can only motivate couples to drift apart and cause even bigger problems in the future.

Although maintaining intimacy can be difficult in a relationship, especially when things are going wrong, intimacy is one of, if not, the most important factor for preserving a healthy relationship. Don’t be fooled though. Intimacy does not only pertain to ‘’sex’’. It also means demonstrating affection and opening up to your partner so that they feel loved, wanted and appreciated.

As such, it is crucial that we find harmony in our lives with our partners. Spend time with your loved one. Take the time to really share, to listen and to exchange thoughts, ideas, smiles and laughter. Relieve the stress and start fresh. A healthy relationship is the key to a healthy and balanced life.