Avoid vaccination and becoming sick this flu season, go the healthy way


Avoid the flu vaccination and stay healthy the natural way

If you hate the feeling of headaches or just that grogginess in the morning after taking over the counter cold medications or you are like me in avoiding the flu vaccination and want to try the natural way. I believe flu vaccinations are more harmful than good since it lowers the immune system by introducing new viruses and the pharmaceutical companies even stated that they are using the last year virus strain and they know that the flu viruses always mutate into something else as Dr. Joseph Mercola states “Do not take chances It turned out the H3N2 strain had mutated, but health officials still urged people to get a flu shot, claiming the vaccine can make symptoms less severe without providing evidence that this is true”.

So you are basically taking a 50/50 chance of getting sick while injecting a harmful “dead” flu virus. Now I’m not saying you should avoid vaccination, you should always consult with your primary physician to find our wheather or not vaccination will help you or not. But it is my opinion from experience and studying my own patients that I have found a better way to help fight the cold.

My Solutions

I would recommend taking some sparkling mineral water and mix it with drops of Echinacea and goldenseal roots from any natural grocery stores such as Wholefoods. As Christopher Hobbs L. Ac states ” Echinacea is also considered one of the most effective for infections such as strep throat, infected wounds, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, and of course, it is often the herb of choice for colds and flu”. I would also recommend taking a Q-tip and dab it in tea tree oil and swipe it around your nostril and/or your ear canal (not too deep). This helps any cold virus that’s trying to get into your system.  Tea tree oil is nature’s vaccination since it is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. I would also avoid drinking conventional supermaket orange juice since it is loaded with sugar, yes it contains vitamin C that is suppose to help you fight the cold but what else destroys good nutrients? SUGAR, there are studies showing that 3 table spoons of sugar can reduce your immune system by 4 hours. So just eat the orange as a whole and makke sure it’s organic. As Sachez A, et. al states “Sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease” And finally and this is a big one I would recommend lots of RESTS and SLEEP.



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Harry Lee LAc
I am a descendent of a long line of acupuncturists. My grandfather was a pharmacist and an acupuncturist in Korea. My mother has been practicing acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine for over 20 years in California. I have witnessed what oriental medicine and acupuncture can achieve with a broad range of patients, including those that have grown dissatisfied with Western Medicine and those that continue to treat with Western Medicine. You can find out more about me at my webiste @ harryleelac.com