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Domestic Violence Stories – Why We Stay

Physical wounds go away for the most part. Yeah, there can still be pain from certain fractured/broken bones or excess scar tissue that could have been avoided yet become chronic and never go away. Even those in areas that you… 0 Shares |

This Woman is Showing the World the Meaning of Beauty With Lacy Underwear… and a Catheter?

Every once in a while, you come across an inspiring story that either changes the way you think or pushes your beliefs to further depths. That happened to me yesterday. The story begins with a young woman who suffered an… 0 Shares |

Principles Over Pleasure for a Healthier Way of Eating

When starting a new way of life, including a diet, it can be difficult to stick to it. Food brings us such pleasure that is far more than just what is in the bite of food on your fork. The… 0 Shares |

Dieting: How to Deal With Family & Friends

Any time you embark on a life change, it will come with some form of resistance. The strongest of which is that of those closest to you. When choosing a plant-based diet, in a meat-eating world, it can be especially… 0 Shares |

Did You Know: Facts About Sugars & Carbohydrates

At one time, all you ever heard from health experts was that you should cut down on your salt intake and to cut out saturated fats. While doing this can be beneficial to your health new research shows that eating… 0 Shares |

Plant-Based Diets: Good Fat vs. Bad Fat

There are many approaches when it comes to dietary fat. Some diets say that all refined and additional fats are bad for you, and others allow for so-called healthy fats to be added such as olive oil. This article will… 0 Shares |

Stop Breastfeeding in Public! 4 Excellent Reasons to Keep it Private…

There is a significant debate about breastfeeding in public right now. While we all know it is the best way to keep your baby nourished, not everyone believes that a public setting is a proper place to feed your baby.… 0 Shares |

If You Can Recite This Poem Flawlessly, You Speak English Better Than 90 Percent of the World

Okay, this one is a doozy and is taking the internet by storm. How good are your English pronunciation skills? This poem will put even the best linguists to the test! The poem is entitled “The Chaos”, penned in 1922… 0 Shares |

A Woman Removes Her Makeup and the Internet Reacts in the Most Horrific Way

A YouTuber, My Pale Skin, decided to remove her makeup and posted pictures of herself on social media. She then created a powerful video documenting the reactions. This is unquestionably one to take a few moments to watch and then… 0 Shares |

So It Begins – Trio Applies for Polygamist Marriage License

Everyone is well aware of the Supreme Court ruling that allows gay marriage. (If you weren’t then now you know why all of those profile pictures on Facebook are covered with rainbow flags!). I called it right after that it… 0 Shares |