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Seth Coyne is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and a Certified Personal Trainer. He is the founder of www.youthfulblueprint.com. He is the author of the report “The 3 Pillars of Health” which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

The Mad Scientist of Muscle

Hi folks! Seth Coyne hear from youthfulblueprint.com. Today I’m interviewing one of the more intriguing and definitely one of the most unorthodox men in the fitness industry. If you’re having trouble moving forward in your health and fitness goals, Nick… 0 Shares |

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods

Hi folks! Seth Coyne here from youthfulblueprint.com. I got a great interview for you today with one of the industries best nutrition experts. Seth: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your methods and philosophies. Nick: My name is Nick… 0 Shares |

Kettlebells, Massage and Nutrition

Hi everybody! Seth Coyne here from youthfulblueprint.com. With so many different perspectives and opinions and beliefs in the health and fitness world it’s useful to learn from many different people. That’s why today I’m interviewing Holly Mersy author of hollymersy.com.… 0 Shares |

Four Fat Blasting Workouts You Can Do In Under 20 Minutes

Fat loss is probably the number one most common fitness goal people have in modern society. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the many things that most people are really bad at achieving. The many things people do wrong with their… 0 Shares |