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Sober Living Homes: Relapse Prevention or Promotion?

Relapse prevention is at the core of addiction treatment programs, because unfortunately, the odds are likely that a patient will undergo a relapse at some point: 90% of alcoholics experience at least one relapse in the following 4 years after… 0 Shares |

5 Ways To Avoid Hair Damage From Hair Straighteners

Thanks to the invention of hair straighteners, we no longer have to use a clothes iron to achieve straight hair. Hair straighteners can save us a lot of money from having to go to the salon, but using them can… 0 Shares |

The 5 Most Practical Tricks For Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

Through 100,000 years of evolution, humans have developed traits which aid or prevent us from losing weight. Many of these traits we aren’t even aware of! Luckily, science allows us to discover some of these, so we can supplement them… 0 Shares |