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I'm a biomedical engineer interested in stopping hair loss naturally. I love juicing, staying healthy, eating organic, detox and playing tennis.

The Best Ways To Naturally Block DHT

DHT has been getting a lot of press lately, especially in relation to male health and it’s role in hair loss. Still, it’s not something most guys know a lot about. Or, if they know about it, they don’t know… 0 Shares |

3 Supplements You Need For A 7 Day Detox

Many natural health practitioners recommend a 7 day detox every 6 months. There are multiple health (and spiritual) benefits to doing so, in this article you’ll discover 3 unusual supplements that are definitely worth taking to help the detox process… 0 Shares |

Sex, Hormones and Health: The Truth About How They Are Linked

The more you learn about health, the more things become increasingly interconnected. Studies on the relationship between nutrition and depression, for example, show just how interdependent physical and emotional health can be. After all, if the food you eat can… 0 Shares |

Seven Strange Side Effects of Stress and Modern Life

The modern world is pretty amazing. We can start our coffee brewing before we’ve even woken up, have our cars started and warming up in the dead of winter without having to go outside and even drop in on a… 0 Shares |