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If your doctor is unhealthy, fire them!

A headline like this is not meant to be harsh or provocative but rather thought-provoking. Do not misunderstand the headline. It is not meant to suggest that you should fire your healthcare providers if they happen to be sick or… 0 Shares |

GMO Labeling: Who Should Decide?

Several states in the U.S. are considering bills that would mandate GMO labeling. This article will report on such a bill in Massachusetts (where this journalist currently resides). You may not live in MA but what happens with this bill… 0 Shares |

Simple ways to protect yourself from the harmful effects of radiation exposure from today’s electronics

To say we live in a technological age may be an understatement. Much of our electronic gadgets today can be very helpful and convenient. However there’s a downside to all of this technology and it is this: our bodies are… 0 Shares |

Studies show that houses of worship promote ill health…does yours?

Studies show that houses of worship promote ill health. Does yours?   A familiar cliché to people in some religious communities is: “You’re so heavenly minded you’re no earthly good”. Perhaps for this article that cliché could be restated as:… 0 Shares |