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James A. Torro is a former certified fitness instructor and is currently a nutrition major. He earned his MBA from the University of Scranton and lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two children.

Protein and Those Amazing Amino Acids (An Overview)

Talk to any lad or gal in the gym these days, young or not so young, and you will find fitness goals as vast and individual as snowflakes on a snowy winter morning. Many come in with the goal of… 0 Shares |

Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss: What Every Dieter Needs to Know

If you had to define what a fad diet is, the easiest way to explain it would be to use the words sheer force. That is, all diet fads work under the same principle: they restrict calories and one or… 0 Shares |

“Healthy” Foods to Avoid: (Don’t Let the Titles Fool You)

Did you know that you are under attack every time you go into your local food store? The enemy is cunning, subtle, and deceptive. And the most dangerous weapon they use are deceptive claims on their food products. That’s right,… 0 Shares |

Supplementation 101: The Do’s and Dont’s

Vitamins are organic compounds that the body needs to sustain life. These compounds are essential for life in very small amounts. Since our bodies cannot synthesize vitamins quickly enough to meet its needs, we must derive vitamins from our diets.… 0 Shares |

Building Muscle : The key to Staying Lean (Part II – Eating for Muscle Mass)

In my last blog, we talked about strength training and building muscle while incorporating short intense cardio exercise for building healthy lean muscle tissue. In this blog, I am going to talk what we need to feed the body for… 0 Shares |

Building Muscle: The Key to Staying Lean (Part 1)

Fitness goals are not the same for everyone. Some want to pack as much muscle on as their genetic predisposition for muscle gain will allow and some care to have a slimmer look. But one thing is for certain: no… 0 Shares |

The Major Cause of Obesity in The United States

We are headed on a very dangerous course in our nation today. 78.6 million Americans are clinically obese in the United States. That is over two thirds of the U.S. Population. Why have obesity levels reached such an alarming rate… 0 Shares |

Getting Beautiful and Handsome ( And Staying That Way Naturally)

It’s inbred in the genetics of every human being that has ever walked this planet: we are designed to want to make ourselves as attractive as possible to others. Unfortunately, in our society, this natural inborn instinct has caused us… 0 Shares |

5 Reasons Vegan Diets Are Not as Healthy as You Think

A good rule of thumb to remember about wellness and nutrition is that it is not a “one fits all” science. We all have different nutritional needs that dictate we need certain nutrients unique to our individual metabolisms and genetic… 0 Shares |

Those Amazing Fats (And Why We Need Them)

I find it ironic that in the US, we have the highest incidence of obesity in the world, and yet we have become a low fat, no- fat obsessed nation. In the last 3 decades, everything has become fat free,… 0 Shares |