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Dubbed one of the Dirtiest: How safe is our cotton?

Did you know that cotton is considered one of the world’s dirtiest crops? Why you ask?  90% of tampon made with conventional cotton contain materials and chemicals that are potentially harmful to a women’s health (Cora, 2016).   The typical… 0 Shares |

Good Fat, Bad Fat: We all need fats

The Benefits of Healthy Fats In the current years more and more focus has been put on “No Fat, Low-fat” type diets and food trends. When in fact, eating appropriate amounts of fat does not make you fat, but helps… 0 Shares |

A Healthy Start

Since the beginning of mankind one thing, one miracle has always been the center of our attention…. the birth of new life. This one occurrence is a leading factor in helping our existence flourish. Although no scientific evidence has been… 0 Shares |


Astonishingly many places in the United States still have issues with food security. It is hard to believe that arguably one of the most influential places in the world still has many areas that have a hard time getting access… 0 Shares |

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Currently, disease is taking over the health of people from all over the world. America, even though one of the most financially secure countries is still plagued with death and disease much as one would think a third world country… 0 Shares |

Improving Maternal, Infant and Child Health Statistics through Health and Nutrition Education

Maternal, Infant, and child health statistics are important for any community because of the direct indicator of the effectiveness of the disease prevention and health promotion services. Currently the United States is trying to lower maternal and infant mortality rates.… 0 Shares |

We are the Drug Users of Our Time

Addicted to “food-like” products from companies that the more they sell, the more money they make. They have now become “Our Dealers” right within the grocery store. You never hear a person hanging out in the office saying, “man, I… 0 Shares |

What in the Heck, is Spirulina??!

  Speer- Ew- Leen’ Uh- is a blue green microalgae. It is a natural source of essential phytonutrient, protein, and amino acids. It is available for supplementation in flakes, pill, and powder form. It contains the minerals Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium,… 0 Shares |

It is the Bee’s Knees

Bee Pollen and Health Uriia Underhill, B.Sc.   It is that time of the year again, and that means the bees are out working hard collecting all of this beautiful pollen. I know most of you have felt its effects… 0 Shares |

Purslane “Not your Average Weed”

With spring in the air, stores are starting to bring out the best of the best in flowers, herbs, and other planting goodies but one that may not get as much attention as it should is this dear sweet “weed”… 0 Shares |