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Tyler Jacobson is a freelance writer, with past experience in content writing and outreach for parent and teen advocate organizations. His areas of focus include: parenting, education, social media, addiction, and issues facing teenagers today. Follow Tyler on: Twitter | Linkedin | Google +

Why Setting and Keeping Limits Are Musts as a Parent

Every parent wants to be more understanding with their child. Proper communication becomes harder the older they get, with the teen years being especially trying for many. They will begin breaking rules more frequently in an attempt to gain their… 0 Shares |

You Know An Addict Already But Do You Know How Easily Your Teen Can Become One?

Parents everywhere are aware of the dangers of drug use and teens. For as long as any of us can remember the warnings about keeping your teen from drinking and doing drugs has been a staple of what a parents… 0 Shares |

When A Teen’s Inability to Juggle School, Sleep, & Social Leads to Depression

It’s common to hear parents comment on how their toddlers, no matter what time they get to bed, they’re up and at ‘em at 5am sharp. Parents become so used to this that through the years they come to rely… 0 Shares |

Talking Drugs & Alcohol As Teens Transition to College

College is both exciting and terrifying: exciting for your kid, terrifying for you. For many parents, this will be the first time your child will be out on their own, left to their own devices. Nothing makes you question your… 0 Shares |

Talking About Healthy Teen Stress Management Issues Early On

Teens today suffer from stress on a scale like never before. On social media it’s “hip” to declare that teens today have little to worry about, and that they live a carefree (or even lazy) existence. Studies show, however, that… 0 Shares |

Science Shows the Chemical Differences between Introverts and Extroverts

I have two sons. The younger I’ve written about before as he’s highly sensitive, and this has provided me with some unique experiences parenting that I like to share in order to help other parents. He’s an extrovert, which is… 0 Shares |

How Your Parenting Style Positively Impacts Your Childs Online World

We live in a world of technology. To look at from 30 years ago, what we have now would seem out of a science fiction movie. There may not be the silver jumpsuits and wackadoo hairstyles, but there are some… 0 Shares |

Don’t Remember How to Speak Teen? 6 Things They’re Trying to Say

Parenting a teen most times can seem as an exercise in futility. For all of our help and advice, it’s as though they’re dead-set on making the wrong choice. What is wrong with them? Weren’t they listening? Do they just… 0 Shares |

Risky Drinking: Most Common Medications That Interact with Alcohol

In today’s world of modern medicine, prescription medication is used to treat any number of illnesses and conditions. In a 2015 study, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that about 42% of Americans admit to drinking and taking prescription… 0 Shares |

4 Ways to Bond with Your Horse Using Equine Therapy

The horse is a beautiful and socially complex animal. They’re as intelligent as they are graceful, and thus have fit very specific roles in humanity’s development since ancient times. Owning and caring for a horse can not only be a… 0 Shares |