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Working With Teens To See The Impact Of Healthy Stress On Their Mental Strengths

Usually when we hear the word “stress”, we automatically think of deadlines, anxiety, lack of sleep and a number of other unpleasant thoughts. While undoubtedly stress can cause negative emotions, it also has positive benefits like boosting your immune system,… 0 Shares |

On the Resolution Bandwagon? Make Life Habits Instead

Every year, people get sucked into making a list of goals. Setting and achieving goals is a positive thing, but are teens and adults alike getting caught up in achievement instead of meaningful life improvement? This year, rather than setting… 0 Shares |

Natural Ways to Combat Addictive Habits That Run in the Family

Addiction is a major problem in America. From serious problems with drugs and alcohol, to even sugar or internet addiction, millions of families struggle to overcome the diseases of addiction and addictive behaviors. As you probably know, trouble with addiction… 0 Shares |

Talking About Natural Ways To Help Your Teen Combat Depression

Talking to your teenager about depression can be difficult. As they go through major changes (physical, emotional, hormonal, social, etc.) during those adolescent years, it’s all too easy for a dark cloud of depression to swirl overhead. While it’s important… 0 Shares |

When The Kids Get Their Hands On An Energy Drink

Adolescents are the fastest growing population of caffeine users. The latest studies show over 80 percent of teens consume caffeinated beverages regularly, nearly 99 percent partake of the legal drug occasionally. This can be particularly troubling considering the exacerbating impact… 0 Shares |

Teaching Our Daughters To Love Their Bodies and Kick Depression

Mental health is important no matter what age, but for our daughters especially, they’re confronted with a constant barrage of images, messages, and impressions from media and the current state of our society. Fortunately, we as parents are not powerless.… 0 Shares |

Boys Will Learn Self Confidence Best If It’s Learned From Their Dad

Teenage mental health is an issue that continues to increase over time. Studies have shown a dramatic increase from the 1930s to the 1990s, and further studies are currently measuring the current rates in today’s youth. With increased pressure from… 0 Shares |

How to Know Why and When Your Teen Is Lying

There is nothing more infuriating to a parent than when our children lie to our faces. When our kids are younger, we can easily tell when they are trying to pull one over on us. Their shifty little eyes would… 0 Shares |

Altering Your Classroom To Help Students With ADHD

Every teacher has had to adapt their teaching to accommodate students that have ADHD. While ideally we would like to give these students the individual attention that they need, in a classroom setting this is simply unrealistic. It is important… 0 Shares |

How Foods You Prepare for Your Kids Impact Their Mental Health and Focus

Just the word “teenager” conjures up images of young people laughing and devouring food. Adolescents seem to have voracious appetites, and parents sometimes refer to them as “bottomless pits” when it comes to food consumption. While it’s tempting to keep… 0 Shares |