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Hi, I'm a writer, artist, and therapist, and am passionate about sharing knowledge as I learn. I hope to inspire & empower others to live healthy and fulfilling lives, and to help provide access to information and tools to enable them to maximise this potential. I am creative (professional poet and artist, plus writer of articles, blogs, & various types of book). I am also a therapist (healer, counsellor, life coach, stress consultant, nutritional therapist). I am a dowser or diviner too, and very interested in consciousness and philosophy. I teach meditation of many types and create guided meditations to suit people's needs. Subjects vital to me are truth and freedom, human and animal rights, sustainability, environment and everything natural, peace, heart, mind, body, and soul, local & global community, subtle activism, relationships & communication, health, nutrition, and more. I offer NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT & PLANNING PROGRAMMES VIA EMAIL. (Because distance becomes irrelevant, and time & costs of travel are saved, so it's easier for everybody, and I can be there for more people that way, although I can only take on 6 new people per week for this programme.) One of the first assessments in the programme is to assess your antioxidant capacity. We also look at any specific health conditions or symptoms you may have, and do an extensive nutritional deficiencies assessment. Your ideal plan is built up from the results of these, and we continually monitor results as you progress, and re-evaluate a couple of times. I also offer other therapies such as Stress Busting, Counselling, Life Coaching, or a holistic combination package that would be tailored to suit your needs. I'm a Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine. My website is http://www.radiance-solutions.co.uk

Fats, Oils, Essential Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, and Fibre

FATS & OILS We have been misled about what are healthy fats and how to use (and store) them.  Saturated fats are not such baddies after all – in fact some are much better for you than other fats.  It… 0 Shares |

Diet and health tips – a few straightforward pointers

Here are some straightforward Health and Diet tips from a UK Nutritional Therapist VARIETY AND FIBRE Eat plenty of different things, different foods contain different nutrients that are essential to us, so a limited diet will mean you miss out… 0 Shares |

Nutrition + other things affecting our Epigenetics, thus Genes

NUTRITION + EPIGENETICS – OUR GENES ARE MODIFIABLE THROUGH OUR CHOICES When I started my Nutritional Therapist studies, I had no idea I was going to find out such exciting information, and especially not about our Epigenetic systems!  Basically, what… 0 Shares |