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I am a passionate freelance writer and an even more devoted fitness and bodybuilding blogger.I have gained invaluable expertise in nutrition, exercise and supplementation over the years. I love eating healthy and help people live a healthy lifestyle.

The Best Way to Improve Bad Posture: One Exercise,10 Minutes a Day

What if I told you that the best way to improve bad posture can easily be learned by utilizing ONE simple 10-minute exercise? What if I told you this exercise could not only improve the health of your spinal column… 0 Shares |

How to lose weight without exercise? Is it even possible?

I meet a lot of people in my professional life who keep asking me about how to lose weight without exercise. My answer usually is: It is not impossible, but if it is laziness that compels you to ask such… 0 Shares |

Top 8 Healthy Fats to Include in any Diet, be it Muscle Building or Weight Loss

Choosing the right fat sources has been a daunting task in the past few decades. With the abundance of food choices available to us, and the equally large amount of advice from dietitians and lifestyle coaches, we have arrived at… 0 Shares |

Foods and supplements for patients with Crohn’s Disease Symptoms, Celiac Disease and Other Intestinal Problems

Our modern society is literally filled with civilization diseases, including, but not limited to different autoimmune diseases, from which bowel disorders pose one of the greatest challenges in Western societies. Every 4 individual is suffering from one or more of… 0 Shares |