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21 Uplifting Natural Remedies To Cheer Depressed Persons And Give Them Hope

There are numerous self help therapies and natural remedies which you can use to help you to raise your mood, dispel the blues and stop depression. In earlier articles, I wrote about the many possible causes and contributing factors of… 0 Shares |

6 Strategies For Beating Insomnia And Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is one of the most underestimated elements of a healthy lifestyle. There is a limit to what foods, supplements, herbs and natural remedies can do for your health if you are not sleeping well every night.… 0 Shares |

Positive Mindsets Can Help You Cope With And Overcome Depression

Healthy, positive thought processes are not only important for preventing and overcoming depression, they are vital for a living a happy and fulfilling life as well. In two earlier articles, I wrote about the possible causes of depression and some… 0 Shares |

Deal With And Defeat Depression By Starting With These Basics

When it comes to dealing with depression naturally, it is important, if not necessary, to have a good foundation. In an earlier article, I wrote about the many possible causes of depression. Whatever the factors behind your condition, and no… 0 Shares |

Causes Of Depression Your Doctor May Not Know

When a person is diagnosed with depression by a medical doctor, he or she is often prescribed antidepressant medications. Based on his training and expertise, this is often the best the doctor can do. Unfortunately, such drugs often do not… 0 Shares |

25 Inspirational Quotes On Gratitude And Being A Grateful Person

Many spiritual teachers emphasize the importance of gratitude. Some even place it at the core of spirituality and happiness. What is gratitude, and what sort of impact can being a grateful person have on our lives? These 25 wonderful quotations… 0 Shares |

Quick Tips To Help Cope With Depression

If you are feeling depressed, you probably feel hopeless and think that virtually everything in life is meaningless. But, please be assured and convinced that you do have the power to help yourself get out of this mess. Even if… 0 Shares |

28 Thanksgiving Quotes To Inspire Gratitude This Year

Thanksgiving Day is here again. How are you celebrating this special occasion this year? Just like the spirit of Christmas, the essence of Thanksgiving is something we should, ideally, adopt into the philosophy of our daily lives. It’s not just… 0 Shares |