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Thora shares her insights on eating gluten free while also eating "Real" via her website - Feast for Freedom. Thora has overcome chronic migraines and digestive problems by eating gluten free and removing all the toxic chemicals that have invaded the modern food supply. She combines her lifetime love of cooking with the concept of eating real, clean food. Get the FREE "Gluten Free Eat Real Quick Start Guide".

How to Avoid Junk Food You Can’t Resist + Vanilla Custard Recipe

Tips to help you break the junk food habit, along with a recipe for “Vanilla Custard” you can make yourself – gluten free. Food advertising and marketing shows us many truly beautiful looking products. Many of these products do actually… 0 Shares |

Celiac Sufferers More Sensitive to Food Additives

When you’re affected by gluten, other food intolerances or allergies, to the point where your health is negatively affected, you’re far more likely to be sensitive to food additives that have digestive problems as side effects. 50% of those who… 0 Shares |

Beyond Gluten Free – Still having digestive problems and migraines?

For those of you who’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you’re inundated with a wide variety of packaged gluten free food products in the grocery stores. Initially, this sounds like a good idea. But when you look a bit closer,… 0 Shares |