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My field of interest is the healing power of food. Latest scientific research shows that many food has medicinal values. I am researching whether people can get well by eating the right kinds of foods at the right time. What I have found during my research I write down in articles.

Purslane, a proven ancient cancer medicine

This leafy vegetable contains more omega 3 than fish oil. Furthermore, the kind of omega 3 is of much higher quality than that of any fish oil. What your supplement producer doesn´t tell you is that there is no real… 0 Shares |

Common mushrooms, anti-inflammation medicine

Many mushrooms do contain small amounts of vitamin B12, a vitamin of which we have been told that it is not available in plants. Common mushrooms are one of the mushrooms containing a small bit of B12. However, opponents of… 0 Shares |

Shiitake, medicinal vegetable for hormone balance and liver

Mushrooms have particular medicinal benefits. This mushroom combats bacteria, viruses, and overgrowth of disease promoting fungi in the human body. Many mushrooms help to improve the immune system. In European phytotherapy, this Japanese mushroom is used as a medicine against… 0 Shares |

Iceberg lettuce, a vehicle for vegetable medicines

Iceberg lettuce is a crispy kind of lettuce. We eat it raw. But it has not always been this way. In ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, people eat their lettuce well done. We can only hope they did not boil… 0 Shares |

Bell pepper, snack your medicine daily

It is important to know that bell peppers are one of the most heavily pesticide-contaminated vegetables. Washing off does not work because the pesticides come in the ground and are being absorbed by the roots of the plant. Next to… 0 Shares |

Chinese cabbage, oriental fresh medicine

Chinese cabbage comes from China. Japan imported this cabbage from China and called it Nappa. That happened during The Japan-China war, from 1937 till 1945. After the second world war, Americans saw napa cabbage in Japan and start growing it… 0 Shares |

Horseradish, medicinal use of a raw salad snack

Some diuretic medicines use horseradish powder as active agent. This spicy root is a well known medicine since ancient times. You don´t use much of this vegetable. It is a perfect condiment in many meals. It deserves a place between… 0 Shares |

Root celery, the forgotten medicine

This vegetable used to be the staple food in Europe before potato arrived into the old world. In fact, the potato is the replacement of root celery. It is very healthy. This ´replaced´ vegetable is much more healthy than potato.… 0 Shares |

Romaine lettuce, the medicinal benefits of freshness

100 grams of Romaine lettuce contains over 100% of the RDA of vitamin A and vitamin K. It contains over 30% of vitamin C and folic acid. There are relative good amounts of vitamin B1, B2, B6, manganese, potassium, iron,… 0 Shares |

Endive, the medicinal benefits of bitterness

Chicory is a well known medicinal plant. It was used in ancient Egypt as a medicine. Still in Afghanistan and Iran people are using this traditional medicine. Endive is actually the same plant with the same scientific name, but then… 0 Shares |