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Amber Sluiter is a North Carolina based freelance writer specializing in fitness, nutrition and alternative medicine. Having studied and educated others on these topics for over 16 years, she has gained a large following of fellow health enthusiasts. After helping hundreds of her followers to lose weight, she published a book entitled 'Smoothie Slim' which explains how to lose weight effectively through the use of healthful fresh fruit and vegetable protein smoothies. Aside from being well known as a personal trainer and sports nutritionist, Amber is also a certified holistic stress management specialist, master herbalist, reiki master, and has a diploma in aromatherapy. She is currently finishing classes in order to obtain a holistic health practitioner license.

Natural Ways to Prevent Gallstones

The removal of troublesome gallstones is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. This is especially true for women whose bodies contain more fat than that of a man. The formation of gallstones is fueled by… 0 Shares |