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Since 2010, Dan Carpenter has published articles, guides, and over 400 videos teaching people how to be self sufficient, on his site The Daily Prep. He has over 2 million views on his YouTube channel, and appears in the National Geographic movie “American Blackout.” Dan is a Certified Permaculture Designer, and a major proponent of alternative housing and internationalization.

3 Zombie Apocalypse Shelters You Can Have On A Budget

Let’s face it, if you’re a prepper, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time thinking about the concept of a retreat, or bug out shelter. It’s something that’s frequently talked about, and debated over. Often times people envision it… 0 Shares |

Who Else Wants This $25,000 Eco House?

Self-sufficiency is all about controlling the variables, and unfortunately, modern-day housing has become one variable that’s very hard to control. In fact, from an expense standpoint, you could easily make the case that housing actually controls us. In fact, if… 0 Shares |

Is This Costa Rican Greenhouse The Answer To Sustainable Food?

A team of real estate developers, farmers, preppers, and engineers, just created one of the most interesting food security solutions the market has seen in a long time. And what’s more interesting, is that it could be coming soon to… 0 Shares |