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Hi everyone! I have been studying natural health and anti aging since I was a teenager. I keep an open mind and love trying new supplements, super foods, and natural anti aging techniques. I live in Colorado and enjoy spending time outdoors with my Boston Terriers. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions at [email protected].

How To Remineralize Your Teeth and Prevent Cavities

When it comes to dental health issues, at the top of that list would be cavities. Unfortunately, most people end up getting at least one or more cavities in their lifetimes. It might come as a surprise to many people,… 0 Shares |

Low Salt Intake Greatly Increases Risk of Death

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about health that has thrived for the last several decades is that salt is bad for health, primarily because it can cause a big rise in blood pressure. Not only is this “fact” about… 0 Shares |

Important Facts About Vitamin A That You Need To Know

Most people tend to overlook the importance of vitamin A, myself included. In reality, vitamin A is a necessary and very important vitamin that should not be excluded from one’s regimen. I believe the main reason why this vitamin is… 0 Shares |

Chemtrails: What are They and How You Can Protect Yourself From Them

When it comes to asking people what they think about chemtrails, there are three probable answers you’re likely to get. Some people will say that chemtrails are a bunch of bull and that they aren’t real. A few others will… 0 Shares |

The Danger of BPA: How To Avoid It & Detoxify It From Your Body

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a toxic chemical that is linked to a number of serious health risks including breast and prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, reproductive problems, neurological issues, heart disease, diabetes as well as a number of other health problems.… 0 Shares |

The Best Supplements and Foods to Allow Us to Naturally Raise Our Glutathione Level and Fight Free Radicals, Inflammation, and Aging!

One of the most beneficial antioxidants known to man is glutathione. In fact, this antioxidant is so important the body naturally produces it. Glutathione (GSH) is so powerful that it’s known as our body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier. Without an… 0 Shares |

The Hidden Dangers of Cavitations and The Steps You Must Take to Stop Them From Ruining Your Health

One of the most important things you can do to not only improve your overall health, but prevent disease and live longer, is to pay special attention to your oral health. Unfortunately, most people are relatively clueless as to the… 0 Shares |

The Top 3 (Free) Ways to Prevent Disease and Fight Aging

When it comes to staying healthy and young, some of the best things in life really are free. Sure, there are a lot of great supplements and super foods that can greatly enhance one’s ability to fight aging but there… 0 Shares |

The Top 3 Ways to Protect Yourself From the Negative Effects of Wi-Fi

In my opinion, one of the greatest threats to our health and wellbeing comes from something that has become commonplace today: Wireless Internet connections. Nowadays, pretty much everyone and every business has a wireless connection, so learning how to live… 0 Shares |

The Top 3 Ways to Naturally Increase Human Growth Hormone

One of the main causes of aging is decreased production of hormones. That would include testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, growth hormone, and others. Out of all of these hormones, it’s a lower level of growth hormone (HGH) that is most associated… 0 Shares |