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My mission: to see you thrive in health, life and business. When compared to alchemists of lore, I'm jokingly asked if I can turn lead into gold. Essentially, alchemy is another word for holistic as it integrates energy, from all sources, for the best possible outcome. Synergessence is an alchemy practice committed to research and the ancient art of integrating science and nature for the purpose of uniquely shifting a body from surviving into thriving. My expertise accounts for the synergy of plant constituents, especially those found within essential oils, and their organic actions on the human body in addition to potential interactions with medications. I also factor in the body's messages as a way to safely and effectively personalize the treatment. My background: pharmacology, internationally certified as a master clinical aromatherapist, epigenetics & the human genome My areas of expertise: physical, mental & emotional pain, movement disorders, chronic health issues.

Debunking CBD and the Myth about Essential Oils

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant albeit industrial or marijuana. What exactly is a cannabinoid? Cannabinoid is a classification of diverse chemicals found throughout nature with the ability to influence the… 0 Shares |