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4 Tips to Reduce Energy Wastage at Home

Whatever the reason for the planet getting warmer, there are some things we can all agree on: there’s too much pollution and we are too wasteful. If we all take responsibility to change our ways just a little bit then… 0 Shares |

4 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Life at Home

We’ve all heard it before, home should be your “quiet place” or your “sanctuary”. While this should be true, it’s not always possible. However, there are some things you can do to improve the quality of life you have at… 0 Shares |

How to Choose the Perfect Water Filter for Your Home

Getting the right water filter for your home can be a daunting proposition. There are so many varieties that each have their pros and cons. Furthermore, they can be really expensive, so you better be sure you get one that’s… 0 Shares |

3 Common Misconceptions About Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

They remove minerals from drinking water. Reverse osmosis does remove minerals from water. The process is unable to distinguish between good or bad particles, and simply removes anything and everything over a certain size. What this means is that the… 0 Shares |

3 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing a Water Filter

Buying a home water filter can be a confusing and expensive proposition, so it’s important that you choose the right system for your home. Different methods of water filtration specialize in different things, and it’s crucial you get the water… 0 Shares |

What’s Causing Drinking Water Pollution in the USA?

Flint, Michigan, is a name that resonates worldwide now, due to the tragic water crisis its inhabitants have suffered. Poisonous lead, a material used in the construction of aging water pipes, corroded under the influence of a new drinking water… 0 Shares |