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3 Ultra Healthy Superfoods That are Rich in Essential Vitamins and Minerals

There’s no question about it—getting your nutrition from whole, organic foods is widely considered to be the best and easiest way to improve your health. However, it is getting increasingly hard to do so due to depletion of soils from… 0 Shares |

This Ancient Indian Herb Literally Makes Your Smarter

Long before the advent of modern medicine, ancient cultures relied on herbs and foods to heal the body and keep it healthy and free of illness and disease. In ancient India, one of the top herbs used by traditional Ayurvedic… 0 Shares |

This Powerful Meditation Technique Will Rejuvenate and Harmonize Your Brain

Most people spend hours a week exercising their bodies, but how many spend even a fraction of that time exercising their brain?  And I’m not just talking about learning something new, playing sudoku or spending a few minutes fiddling with… 0 Shares |

3 Powerful Ways to Elevate Your Mood and Increase Your Happiness Longterm

We live in interesting times: Breakthroughs in psychology and science allow us to understand the mechanics of mood and happiness like never before and yet our society is still experiencing an epidemic of depression that seems to be growing with… 0 Shares |

Groundbreaking Research Demonstrates That Meditation Can Heal and Repair DNA

Pioneering research in the field of epigenetics has recently revealed a very clear connection between beliefs, emotions, thoughts and measurable changes in our DNA. Previously, it had been believed by prevailing scientific theory that our genetic code was virtually unalterable,… 0 Shares |

5 Powerful Herbs and Foods for Healing Your Digestive Tract

Recent research from a number of top universities is showing that digestive system imbalances might be the culprit behind persistent health problems and returning to good health could be as elemental as “listening to your gut.” In our prevailing culture… 0 Shares |