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Does Pink Stink?

After years of being fed aggressive ‘pink’ marketing campaigns in October by pharmaceutical companies, cancer charities and even fast food chains, we are all too aware that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the globe. However, I think pink… 0 Shares |

Toxic chemicals will make you fat

There have been several studies suggesting that environmental exposure to widely used chemicals are another factor that contribute to people getting fat. Many synthetic chemicals are lipophilic (fat loving), meaning they concentrate in our body fat, accumulating over a lifetime.… 0 Shares |

5 Steps to Losing Weight — Without Counting Calories

Losing weight is a lot more complex than simply calories in and calories out. For starters, not all calories are created equal. Having lost more than 100lbs myself — after the age of 40 and perimenopausal, I might add —… 0 Shares |