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Dr. Serge is a clinical nutritionist. He owns a doctorate degree in nutrition from McGill University in Canada. In addition, he completed a 7-year postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts where he studied the impact of fat as it relates to heart disease. He has authored a book on this topic that is awaiting publication with Edition Berger publishers in Canada. He holds an advance certification in Nutrition Response Testing (SM) from Ulan Nutritional Systems in Florida and he is a certified herbalist through the Australian College of Phytotherapy. His personalized nutritional programs allow to help individuals with a wide variety of health concerns such as hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, heart-related conditions, detoxes/cleanses, weight loss, fatigue, migraines, allergies, among others.

What is causing Alzheimer’s disease?

Over the last several weeks, I have demonstrated that cholesterol and saturated fats are not the cause of Alzheimer’s disease (1, 2). On the contrary, they are important for the proper function of the brain. In addition, the presence of… 0 Shares |

Is Alzheimer’s disease actually a survival mechanism?

Previously, we have seen that the accumulation of the protein amyloid (specifically Aβ42) leads to the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain, which is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease (1). Interestingly, the APP protein, which is the precursor of… 0 Shares |

What if we are wrong about Alzheimer’s disease?

Previously, I demonstrated that cholesterol is a vital component of our brain (1). Without it, our neurons cannot work properly leading to an increased risk of neurological problems such as depression, anxiety, Parkinson, and Alzheimer’s disease. The connection between Alzheimer’s… 0 Shares |

The fast track to get smarter

Cholesterol is the primary nutrient of the brain Some facts about cholesterol Cholesterol is a type of fat found only from animal sources. It is a natural molecule that all our cells can produce when necessary. As opposed to other… 0 Shares |

A pill is a pill right?.. or is it?

With reports claiming that vitamins, such as vitamin A and E, cause cancer, people have become concerned about supplementing their diet with multivitamins or other nutritional products (1). This is legitimate as the majority of these products are made from… 0 Shares |

Poison your body with poor-quality supplements

Recently, I have published a series of articles regarding the causes of poor digestion and why the population has become severely deficient in certain vitamins/minerals over the last several decades (1, 2). From experience, the main cause of nutritional deficiencies… 0 Shares |

Mercury leads to poor digestion

Poor digestion is the main cause of diseases (part 2) Amalgams damage what is closer first and then moves to other parts of the body.  Thus, the sublingual, submandibular and parotid glands are the first parts of the mouth to… 0 Shares |

The main cause of diseases

Poor digestion is the main cause of diseases (part 1) We constantly hear from different sources that we do not need supplements if we eat a variety of healthy food. But is this true? Let’s analyze this question from a… 0 Shares |

Speaking about the real causes of autism…

Influencing Factors of the Autism Epidemic After treating several young patients with autism, I am convinced that vaccines play a major role in this unfortunate condition. My position may be controversial, but there is ample evidence to support such a… 0 Shares |

Zinc deficiency: its actual cause and direct impact on human health

Zinc is the 24th most abundant element on Earth. It is an essential trace element for humans. Zinc is found in nearly 300 specific enzymes (1); is the second most abundant transition metal in organisms after iron; and is the… 0 Shares |