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Dr. Serge is a clinical nutritionist. He owns a doctorate degree in nutrition from McGill University in Canada. In addition, he completed a 7-year postdoctoral training at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts where he studied the impact of fat as it relates to heart disease. He has authored a book on this topic that is awaiting publication with Edition Berger publishers in Canada. He holds an advance certification in Nutrition Response Testing (SM) from Ulan Nutritional Systems in Florida and he is a certified herbalist through the Australian College of Phytotherapy. His personalized nutritional programs allow to help individuals with a wide variety of health concerns such as hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, heart-related conditions, detoxes/cleanses, weight loss, fatigue, migraines, allergies, among others.

Natural Products For Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia

In this high paced world, it seems that for most people, the solution for everything is to just pop some new fad drug; however, there are great, non-addictive, natural alternatives to dealing with stress, anxiety, and insomnia that does not… 0 Shares |

A Dreadful Superstition Grips America

A terrible superstition holds people around the world in its grip.  Ministers of religion, lawyers, architects, men renowned as brilliant scientists, physicians (particularly, physicians), University professors, middle-class people, working-class people, people of all nationalities, are its victims. I was one… 0 Shares |

Adrenal Fatigue and How to Beat It

Your adrenal glands are two tiny pyramid-shaped pieces of tissue situated right above each kidney. Their job is to produce and release, when appropriate, certain regulatory hormones, and chemical messengers (1). Adrenaline is manufactured in the interior of the adrenal… 0 Shares |

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Women

Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women may begin as early as the late twenties to the forties. Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women tend to increase as a woman ages, especially if ignored in the earlier years. Hormone imbalance symptoms… 0 Shares |

Thyroid Dysfunctions & The Obesity Epidemic: Is Your Weight Loss Canary Suffering?

There’s no doubt that thyroid disease is on the rise. Now the question is why? The reason your weight loss attempts might not be working is because your weight loss canary might be suffering…let me explain. From the research, I… 0 Shares |

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Asking yourself ‘Why can’t I lose weight?’ is actually one of the best things you can do for yourself. It says you know that what you’re currently doing isn’t working for you. You’re at the place where you’re ready to… 0 Shares |

Turning Off the Fat Genes

“It doesn’t make any difference what I eat. Weight problems just run in my family. It’s all genetic.” These are common excuses, but genetic research has just shot them down in flames. Genes do influence our size and shape, but… 0 Shares |

Top 10 Tips for a stronger heart

Cardiovascular disease is 100% preventable. Below are some tips to help you on the right track: Here are our top10 tips for a healthy ticker: Fill up on fiber. Not only does fiber help lower levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol,… 0 Shares |

Without cholesterol, we would die

Low cholesterol and its consequence   Previously, we have seen that cholesterol is a critical element of our cells and tissues (1). In addition, scientific evidence suggests that high cholesterol is not necessarily harmful, but offers a protective effect against… 0 Shares |

High Cholesterol: it is not what you think

We have seen that cholesterol is a primordial component of our cells and is necessary to reach an optimum health (1). And in some cases, especially the elderly, the consumption of cholesterol is necessary, as the body struggles to produce… 0 Shares |