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Denton Coleman is an Exercise Physiologist and Medical Researcher. He is the founder of Vanguard Health and Fitness, which disseminates leading-edge, upper echelon information and curricula regarding nutrition, fitness, and holistic wellness. You may visit Vanguard Health and Fitness at https://vanguardhealthandfitness.weebly.com/

Yes, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines can in fact alter the human genome.

In a study from May of 2021, Zhang et al. showed that RNA from SARS-CoV-2 can be reverse transcribed and integrated into the human genome within infected cells [1].  The researchers from MIT and the National Cancer Institute explained that… 0 Shares |

Heart disease – a different perspective

The conventional understanding of cardiovascular disease is unsurprisingly, quite narrow-minded and off the mark.  As with many health conditions traditionally treated with pharmaceuticals and surgeries, the etiologies of the multiple ill-health states that fall under the umbrella of heart disease… 0 Shares |

Methylation capacity’s importance in exercise adaptation

In the human body, methylation refers to the donation of a methyl group (an alkyl composed of one carbon bound to three hydrogens) to some substrate, facilitated by methylating enzymes (cofactors for which include folate, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12). … 0 Shares |

Movement dysfunction, corrective exercise, and holistic health

In this article I’d like to cover the premise of movement dysfunctionality, how movement dysfunctionality negatively impacts the entire body’s operation, and why corrective exercise must be employed appropriately in the resolution of any movement dysfunctionality, irrespective of the client’s… 0 Shares |

Psychosomatic healing through Yoga asana practice

The term psychosomatic still remains somewhat of an enigma, as a large portion of the allopathic community has either rejected or failed to correctly understand the enormous influence the mind has over the body.  The term’s prefix, psycho-, of course… 0 Shares |

The gut-brain axis, the microbiome, and chronic disease development

What I’d like to focus on with this article is a major network of disease causation and progression involving the gut-brain axis, the gastrointestinal microbiome, and inflammatory cascades. The enteric (meaning of the gut) nervous system’s connection to the central… 0 Shares |