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Three Tips for Mastering Your Financial & Personal Goals

Do you ever feel like you are making daily decisions according to the direction the wind blows? Might you yearn to feel more in control of your time and resources? When you live within your means and according to your… 0 Shares |

How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Meditative Space

Does your bedroom provide more distraction than relaxation? Do you long for a peaceful retreat where you can go to forget about the world for a while, rather than be constantly reminded of it?  Read on for a few tips… 0 Shares |

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Depression & the Elderly

Depression is nothing to be trifled with. However, people have had successful results treating depression naturally: with a combination of supplements, nutrition, and behavior modification. The elderly, though, have unique circumstances to consider. Depending on an individual’s ethnic, cultural, and… 0 Shares |

This Weekend’s Supermoon & Lunar Eclipse

If the fact that the total lunar eclipse this weekend is the last one until 2033 isn’t reason enough for you to stay up to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon, I’m not sure what is.  Also, there’s the additional… 0 Shares |

Three Activities for an Eco-Friendly Summer in the City

I.) Outdoor Movies This past spring, I finished my winter marathon session of Queer as Folk (I’m ‘Late to the Game,’ I know), and I looked around in despair, searching online for something else to watch.  Enter my next binge-watching… 0 Shares |

Three Fun Ways to ‘Green’ Your Lodging Property

Hotel, inn, and guest lodging managers, take note: the green movement is not just a fad.  It is here, for the long haul.  Aside from more obvious, visible upgrades made to conserve water and energy via low-water shower heads, toilets,… 0 Shares |

A Few Easy Ways to ‘Green’ Your Property

Believe it or not, it’s easier than you might think to conserve energy and save money on utility costs while helping the environment, if you are a home owner.  First, check off the basic task of replacing incandescent light bulbs… 0 Shares |