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Historical Data shows vaccines are not what saved us

With all of the hype surrounding the zika, H1N1, swine flu and other viruses real or imagined, everyone is very concerned with the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, and rightly so. This is a very important question that we must… 0 Shares |

Use your mind to boost health & immunity

In western medical circles were hearing more and more about something that eastern cultures have known for decades, that the mind place a huge role in your health, immunity and well being. While this has been common sense to the… 0 Shares |

Why You Should Avoid Fast food at All costs

Most people today are generally aware that fast food is not the healthiest food to eat. Typically, the majority of people eat fast food several times a week or more. People generally eat fast food for a few main reasons,… 0 Shares |

Nutrition Secrets “They” Don’t Want You to Know About

Today we know more about vitamins, minerals and nutrition in general then ever before, but at the same time there are various elements of the media and medical community that want to keep everyone in the dark about the true… 0 Shares |