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Richard Labaki is a holistic therapist specialized in natural anti-aging therapies. His program "RenYou" tackles imbalances in the body that contribute to accelerated aging and poor health through nutritional therapy, supplement intake and lifestyle modification – taking into consideration each person's unique case in terms of needs and challenges. To subscribe to his newsletter, go to: renyourevitalize.com/blog Follow him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/renyouvitality

Wrinkles Be Gone – Naturally!

Ask any person (especially women) about what worries them the most regarding the aging process and the answer is always the same: Wrinkles! Those dreaded lines that cut through our skin – signifying the reality that we are simply growing… 0 Shares |

How to Instill Good Habits into your Life (and Eliminate the Bad Ones)

“Starting tomorrow, I am implementing all your recommendations in one go – you’ll be amazed,” beams an enthusiastic Jenny as I am handing her the customized health plan. A week earlier, I had been working closely with her to determine… 0 Shares |

Are You Man Enough? The effeminizing aggressors that are robbing men of their virility

Modern man has lost touch with his manhood.  And the disconnection from nature has played a major role in this matter.  Being part of a hunter/gatherer tribe living in harmony with the cycles of nature has strengthened men and allowed… 0 Shares |

Cracking the Aging Code

(NaturalNews) When the term “anti-aging” is mentioned in a conversation, one of the following thoughts usually comes to mind: “It is all a hoax; there is no such thing as an effective anti-aging therapy”; “Plastic surgery”, or “Beauty treatments via… 0 Shares |