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I am a semi retired management consultant with a new found passion for sustainable living. I have a small homestead in rural New York and when I am not tending to the various goats, chicken and pigs, I write on ecological and natural health issues.

Saving the World from Cars

The worldwide population has been growing at an unsustainable rate for many years. While the growth rate is less than half it’s peak in modern times of the 1960’s, still the population increased from approximately 1.65 billion at the start… 0 Shares |

Climate Change – Garbage Science?

Waste management is a uniquely human problem. It is a problem that was developed hand in hand with the evolution of humans as a species. The change from small nomadic tribes to villages, towns, and cities where humans specialize in… 0 Shares |

35 Million Reasons Going Green is Slow Going

Dramatic progress has been made in the construction of new homes in the last decade when it comes to energy efficiency and the use of sustainable building materials for construction. While there is still a lot of room for improvement,… 0 Shares |

Energy Audit – Winter Windows

Everybody knows that windows account for a large portion of the heating and cooling expense of a house. Seldom is any type of energy audit completed on an older home where the first recommendation is not for better more energy… 0 Shares |

A Decade after the Hybrid Car Went Main Stream

Hybrid Cars are now common around the world. Virtually every manufacturer offers hybrid gas and electric vehicles, and in recent years plug in electric vehicles have become common place as well with cities all over the US offering “charging Stations”.… 0 Shares |

Indoor Air Pollution: Turning Kitchens Into Death Traps

It might shock you to hear that the environmental problem causing more deaths than malaria and HIV is, in fact, indoor air pollution. According to a new study published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, indoor air pollution kills between 3.5… 0 Shares |

Ecotherapy: Is It Really a Viable Answer to Mental Heath Issues?

Green therapy – or Ecotherapy, as it’s often called – has an increasing body of research backing it as a successful form of treatment for people suffering with mental health conditions. However, on first impression it does seem a little… 0 Shares |