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Rachael is a food blogger at RAWHighLife.com, self taught chef, human and animal rights activist, and enthusiast of all things nature. She loves spending time with family and enjoys gardening on her homestead on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has studied plant based nutrition extensively and is currently working on certification as a plant based lifestyle coach.

4 Oil Free Dressings Even Picky Eaters Will Love

Making a great salad has just as much to do with the dressing you choose as it does the veggies that you decide to add to the mix. Sadly, many of the tasty dressings on the market that claim to… 0 Shares |

3 Tasty Plant Based Recipes for the Grill this Summer

Summer’s barbecue events are the perfect time to get together with friends and family and to take advantage of the fresh air and sunshine. But aside from some watermelon and salad greens, much of the fare at such events tend… 0 Shares |