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Many Big Name Income Tax Services are Ignoring Trump’s Executive Order on ObamaCare

Many large name income tax services have taken it upon themselves to defy President Trump’s Executive Order to dismantle the ObamaCare penalty system. These corporations are slowing efforts to take the teeth out of the failed ObamaCare program. Basically ignoring… 0 Shares |

What Happened to Obama Era Of Mass Shootings Under the Trump Administration?

It has been horrific to watch all mass shootings in America over the last 8 years. Everyone has been traumatized by the images of carnage week in and week out. Have you noticed these mass shootings are no longer happening… 0 Shares |

Most Still Don’t Know ObamaCare Penalties Waived by Trump Executive Order

The I.R.S has been instructed by the Trump Administration via Executive Order  not to collect ObamaCare Penalties. Giving millions of Americans and small businesses a huge break and boosting the economy. Ordering the I.R.S. not or ask about your healthcare… 0 Shares |

The Report from Iron Mountain Leads Back to the Mother of All Deep Underground Bases

Looking into the context of history can be instructive to realize the importance of locations and legends from the past. Only to learn what the future may hold. Sometimes these artifacts of history come in the form of myths routed… 0 Shares |

NaturalNews De-Listed by Google in Attempt to “Smooth the Information Flow” to the Masses

The bold attack upon NaturalNews and all it’s affiliated websites by Google de-listing them is unprecedented. Censorship in this form effectively means two thirds of the internet will not be able to access NaturalNews information or products. A huge financial… 0 Shares |

Will Geoengineering be Used to Help Avert an Oroville Dam Disaster?

Oroville Dam in California has a major problem with a possible failure due to an unseasonable amount of rain and damage to it’s emergency spillway. Evacuations have been ordered for effected counties. The potential for major damage and loss of… 0 Shares |

Deep Underground Base Technology Used in SpaceX HyperLoop Supersonic Tunnel Transit System?

Some technologies are not meant for public view or accreditation until the time is right. When these amazing scientific advances are brought forth it is done slowly and presented as cool and convenient. As with computers, cell phones and the… 0 Shares |

Leaked DARPA Robot. Can You H.A.N.D.L.E. the Truth?

Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert recently showed off an impressive robot called H.A.N.D.L.E. Marc Raibert himself even calling the creation nightmarish. Someone in the crowd had a cell phone and recorded a rough video. Feeling like something out of the… 0 Shares |

National Intelligence Council Report Describes the Final Solution for “Fake News”

Trends or revolutions can be unexpected. Even with total information awareness. The best laid plans often go astray. Take “fake news” for example. A report released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on January 9, 2017 highlights… 0 Shares |

World Economic Forum: WEF Report Outlines How to Counter Populous Uprising and Alternative Media

The World Economic Forum WEF that took place in Davos, Switzerland has produced its  Global Risks Report 2017. Every document put out by this organization for public consumption is in need of an Orwellian translation. As with the very acronym… 0 Shares |