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Vaccine Failure: Media Blackout on Taiwan’s New Measles Case

Media across the globe remains silent as Taiwan reports a new measles case, and the patient testing positive for measles was someone fully vaccinated. Outbreak News Today reported October 20 that a 19-year old male patient went to a clinic… 0 Shares |

Measles Returns to Alaska, But No Media!

The recent news of a measles case in Fairbanks, Alaska, has been notably under-reported in mainstream media that otherwise seems to take at once to fear-mongering the moment measles is mentioned. Mystery? Probably, but when it comes to infectious diseases,… 0 Shares |

Six Children Dead in Hours of Receiving Measles Vaccine in Balochistan

At least 6 children died within hours of being vaccinated for measles in Balochistan, a province of Pakistan that is currently seeing a separatist movement geared toward independence from Pakistan. Different media sources have placed the death toll of the… 0 Shares |

Pakistan’s Dawn News Openly Lies about Polio Infection

Dancing to the drums of the vaccine industry, Pakistani media have been misinforming people for years now – about many issues in general, and about vaccination in particular. English-language papers are at the forefront of such public deception, an example… 0 Shares |