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Weight Loss Wonders of Black Seed Oil

Not a lot of research has been done on this subject, and most of the research with regards to weight loss with black cumin seed, I found in diabetic studies. What is Weight Loss? We become overweight for so many… 0 Shares |

Can Black Cumin Seed Oil Help Hair Growth?

Hair loss can occur for many reasons like microbial infection, inflammatory conditions, ageing and chemotherapy just to name a few. Thankfully, it’s black seed oil to the rescue once again. The few studies that have been done in this area… 0 Shares |

Energetic Enemas with Black Cumin Seed Oil

The official name for what we are talking about here is Anuvasana Basti. Which simply means enemas with medicated oils, tonics and/or herbal milks, and they work a treat! What are Enemas? In our modern world of fast ‘food’ and… 0 Shares |

Black Seed Oil for Lyme May Offer Some Hope

“In the fullness of time the mainstream handling of chronic Lyme disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine because elements of academic medicine, elements of government, and virtually the entire insurance… 0 Shares |

Black Seed Oil for Drug Withdrawal and Brain Rewiring

Withdrawal from any substance is a hard slog. Not only are you dealing with the mental stress of changing habits, you are also having major negative physical symptoms too. If you are experiencing withdrawal from substances, I’m really sorry and… 0 Shares |

Get Into the Healing Groove with Black Cumin Seed Oil and Raw Honey

I’m about to introduce you to one of the most healing combinations that we have; black cumin and raw honey. And, yes indeed, I have some research papers to back up what healers have known for millennia; these 2 compounds… 0 Shares |

Why Aren’t Hospitals Treating Cancer With Black Seed Oil?

“Thymoquinone modulates nine of the ten hallmarks of cancer.” There are very many research studies that show great results for black seed oil treatments related to its’ cancer killing and anti-inflammatory properties. What is Cancer? Well, of course, that depends… 0 Shares |

Autism Hates Black Seed Oil

There isn’t a lot of scientific research available on this subject, after all, you can’t patent Nature, so when big pharma does their research on plants it’s not published generally. When Nature is investigated by pharma, it’s for the purpose… 0 Shares |

What Do These 37 Authors Know About Vaccines That You Don’t?

I’m sure by now you’ve heard that there are a multitude of problems and dangers with vaccines. However, I’m wondering if you are aware of just how many books have been written on the subject of vaccine safety? There are… 0 Shares |

Inaccurate And Misleading Vaccine Data (Agnotology) As Admitted To By Industry Insider

Agnotology is the term for ‘ignorance induced by the publication of inaccurate or misleading scientific data’ Sometimes, along comes a quote that it’s impossible to cruise on past without being stopped dead in your tracks by it. The following is… 0 Shares |