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13 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Weight under Control Without Spending Big Bucks

Whether you are trying to squeeze into that new pair of jeans or fill out the perfect dress that shows off your curves; it is important to remember that your weight is not just a number. It is numerical information… 0 Shares |

9 Best Health Advices That Are Effective, But They Are Hardly Accepted

Alternative medicine is the term given to medical practices which are effective but are not yet accepted by modern medicine. This branch of medicine also has different sub branches. It addresses different factors of the whole well-being such as physical,… 0 Shares |

15 Natural remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis that can relieve your joint pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis (in short RA) is a severe medical condition in which immune system of one’s body starts attacking healthy tissues of its own causing severe pain in joints of hands and feet. There is no cut off age for… 0 Shares |

12 foods that can lower your cholesterol levels naturally

Are you worried about your cholesterol levels? Literally, there are tons of medicines and supplements that are used to reduce cholesterol levels. However, all those drugs and medications consist of elements that are possibly available in natural things like fruits,… 0 Shares |

10 Reason you should use peanut butter everyday

What is peanut butter? A food paste made mainly from ground dry roasted peanut (not a nut, but actually a legume) is known as Peanut butter. It is very popular in the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, the Netherlands and… 0 Shares |