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5 Proven Ways You Can Be Happier In 2017

While 2016 was a tough year for many, 2017 provides an opportunity for people to expand their horizons and find true happiness. Happiness can come from so many places. You should not be afraid to experiment in order to challenge… 0 Shares |

6 Health Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is a more relaxed version of surfing.  Some even call it stand up paddle surfing as opposed to its more common name.  If you’re unfamiliar with what stand up paddle boarding is;  its an activity in… 0 Shares |

Sewing Your Way To Better Mental Health

You had a very stressful day. From having the car break down on the way to work to hearing about a friend’s health concern, you don’t know if you can handle any other bad news today. As you walk into… 0 Shares |

6 Best Ingredients For Healthy Smoothies

When choosing ingredients for a smoothie, you have to consider what each ingredient brings to the table. There are some ingredients which simply do more for your body than others, and it should be considered during preparation. Just remember to… 0 Shares |

5 Essential Skills To Learn For Survival

Everyone should know how to survive in the wilderness, whether you are an experienced hiker or if your car breaks down. Being prepared for any emergency is key when it comes to survival. Knowing your priorities is extremely important. And… 0 Shares |

7 Mental and Physical Benefits of Hiking

Hiking offers many benefits beyond just getting you out of the house for a change of scenery. It provides both mental and physical benefits, some of which you get just from being out in nature, but others are specific to… 0 Shares |

5 Reasons To Drink Cherry Juice Daily

If you’re looking an easy way to improve your health each day, then consider drinking a little cherry juice. Cherry juice comes in tart and black cherry, and both have excellent health benefits. While tart cherry juice is higher in… 0 Shares |

De-Stress And Heal Your Body With Sound Therapy

Implemented by a variety of cultures for thousands of years, sound healing helps you get more balanced. Whether chanting mantras, participating in a drumming circle, or simply humming along with a melody, such actions can help transform you from a… 0 Shares |