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A Thumb’s Up for Thumb-Sucking?

A recent study says there may be a link between childhood thumbsucking and fewer allergies in later life. Should you encourage it? It’s a sight that rattles the nerves of some parents: a child who loves to suck his thumb… 0 Shares |

Give Up Smoking to Save Your Pet

Give up smoking to save your pet A study finds that cigarette smoke is putting your dog and especially cat at risk of weight gain, cell damage, and some cancers. You may know that smoking can lead to cancer, heart… 0 Shares |

Nine Tips for Watching Your Weight and Saving Money When Traveling Away from Home

Traveling and eating out are synonymous with one another. When you’re on the road, you’re not planning meals as you normally would at home, and you typically have less time to prepare anything healthy to eat. Most of the time… 0 Shares |