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Hi, I write articles for blogs mostly in the health and food niche. I’m basically a researcher which stems from my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. My goal is to educate readers about health related topics however trivial they may seem.

Will the Ozone Layer ever Heal? Here’s what to Expect

Most of us be it in high school or elementary school, must have heard about the ozone layer. And how it acts as a protective blanket that shields us from UV-radiations. Now, you’re going to be reading about it again… 0 Shares |

Five (5) Healthy Food Spreads You Should Consider Switching to in 2023

Maybe you’re bored of always using butter, mayonnaise or margarine on your toast, and are looking for more options and healthier ones at that. You’ve scanned articles on Google for hours and scrolled through the endless slides of Pinterest. Yet… 0 Shares |

You may be suffering from an Anxiety Disorder and here’s why

At some point in our lives, we’ve felt so much worry over something. Be it a pregnancy, trying to get that high paying job, a health issue or something benign like having to give a speech to a crowd. All… 0 Shares |