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All The Ways Your House Is Trying To Kill You

You know all the obvious dangers in your house- broken smoke alarms, electrical outlets that aren’t child-proofed, or open flames, for example. But what you might not realize is that sometimes, the biggest dangers in your house are much less… 0 Shares |

The Technologies Making Vertical Farming a Reality

Since it was first developed by microbiology and public health professor Dickson Despommier, vertical farming has been lauded as an environmentally-friendly, more efficient farming method than traditional outdoor farming. By using abandoned buildings, hydroponic techniques, and environmental monitoring products, farmers… 0 Shares |

Pregnancy & Skincare: What Is Safe For Your Baby

Your body changes from head to toe during pregnancy, and your skin is particularly susceptible to certain issues. The problem is that when women get pregnant, pampering themselves isn’t as high up on the list as it would be otherwise.… 0 Shares |

Biggest Pest Problems In US Cities

Like death and taxes, pests are an inevitable fact of life no matter where you live. If your home experiences an infestation, you’re likely to feel uncomfortable in your own home, and in the worst cases, you might face health… 0 Shares |

Men’s Shaving Tips Your Father Never Taught You

If you find yourself having difficulty shaving, whether it’s nicking yourself or suffering from rough skin, you need some simple tips that will give you a better shave while protecting your skin. After all, if you’re one of the 75%… 0 Shares |

Why Your Headphones Are Too Loud

In today’s world, we often find ourselves using headphones to tune out a multitude of outside noise- chatty coworkers, train rumblings, roommates watching TV shows, and more. Unfortunately, cranking up the volume of your headphones can permanently damage your hearing,… 0 Shares |

Sleep Smarter, Not Longer

You’ve heard all your life that you should sleep eight hours a night- but do you really want (or need) to spend a third of your life sleeping? Some people believe that by following certain sleep schedules, you can sleep… 0 Shares |

The Link Between Alzheimer’s And Hearing Loss

Aging naturally brings with it a bevy of side effects- going bald or grey, getting a few wrinkles, maybe needing reading glasses. For a long time, hearing loss and memory loss have been included in that list of inevitable side… 0 Shares |

Skincare Considerations For Individuals With Diabetes

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you understand the importance of taking care of your blood sugar, insulin injections, and your diet- but have you made it a priority to care for your skin as well? Many people don’t realize… 0 Shares |

Dietary Restrictions: Workarounds For Food Allergies

For many people, a healthy diet means avoiding common food allergens such as wheat and dairy, or maybe eliminating artificial foods from your pantry and refrigerator. If your diet has some restrictions, it’s time to get creative with your recipe-planning.… 0 Shares |