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Rosemary Hansen is a published author, artist, and Traditional Foods Chef. She is on a mission to heal people with eczema and other gut-related autoimmune disorders. Her book, The Natural Mama's Guide to Eczema, is about her son's eczema journey and how she ultimately healed it. It is available on Amazon in print and kindle. Check out her website with recipes, essential oil tips, and healthy living ideas: http://www.RosemaryPureLiving.com.

10 Steps to a Healthy Life – How I healed my headaches and lost 15 pounds

Find the time today to take action and heal your body and mind for a healthy life! These are steps that I’ve taken over the years to get where I am. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but I have way more… 0 Shares |

Minimalist Baby Items Checklist: 25 Natural Essentials for Newborns

What does a newborn need? Warmth, mama, nourishment & a toxin-free environment. That’s it! Keep it simple, newborns are very easy to “over-buy” for, but they’re needs are quite simple. I don’t know about you, but we didn’t have a… 0 Shares |

Put Down the Breakfast Cereal & Learn to Soak

Why Soak Grains? You can soak grains before cooking or baking them. Soaking grains (and nuts, seeds, and legumes) helps to neutralize phytic acid, an anti-nutrient, present in them. Phytic acid blocks the absorption of critical vitamins and minerals (phosphorus,… 0 Shares |

10 Natural Stress Relief Tips & How to Create a Serene Space

After the holidays, we all need time for stress relief. Starting the New Year off with a routine of taking time for yourself to unwind is the best gift you can give yourself. Creating a serene space at home is… 0 Shares |

Detox Your Cells for Beautiful & Flawless Skin

The Secret to Clear, Gorgeous Skin – and how to create it with home-grown goodness Our skin reflects what is happening in the digestive system. Therefore, it is important to “plant” lots of good bacteria to help digest food, and… 0 Shares |

Home Remedies to Heal Constipation in Infants

It is hard to watch your infant struggle with constipation. Luckily, there are some home remedies you can use to help her. I have used all of these methods with excellent results. What is infant constipation & how to relieve… 0 Shares |

5 Reasons to Try Acupuncture for Baby Eczema

There was a time when my son’s eczema became so severe I was willing to try any natural healing method. My baby was 5 months old when he developed eczema. We tried the usual dose of steroids and over-the-counter creams… 0 Shares |