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Vitamins and Herbs are not regulated how do you know what you are getting?

Often times anti-health pundents and nay-sayers of supplementation will often taut the factthat the vitamin and herbal industry is not regulated by the FDA. They will argue that because of this fact no one knows what they are getting. Perhaps… 0 Shares |

Hacking Exam Anxiety Be Anxiousless

According to an article published in 2012 by Dr. Glenn Croston in Psychology Today, The fear of public speaking routinely ranks higher than the fear of death on self-reported inventories of fear and anxiety. This means that situational anxiety out… 0 Shares |

Positive Psychology: Be thankful and smile its good for your heart!

So these two guys walk into a bar….. they said “ow!” You know that magic moment when your laugh turns into a cackle. Or when you have a laugh from the gut! Apparently the more you experience those laughs the… 0 Shares |