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Anti-Trump Protesters Eye Trump’s Inauguration: Where Were You When It Mattered?

It is no secret that anti-Trump protesters are preparing to protest Trump’s inauguration. A protest against the threat of “fascism”! The Left, however, in true fascistic form, has been planning their typical fascistic violence against whoever they choose to target,… 0 Shares |

Black Lives Don’t Matter to Obama, the Democrats or the Corporatocracy!

Black lives don’t matter to Obama and here is the proof! First a quick caveat, there is no way for the scope of any one article to cover the myriad ways in which every last one of Obama’s and the… 0 Shares |

Arise from the Ashes of Hope and Change

Two parts of a whole there is no dichotomy Diametrically opposed they thrive symbiotically They have different means to the ultimate goal The effects are heavy to contemplate, the finality, the toll   The loss of our home, our freedom,… 0 Shares |

Black Lives Matter and the Systematic Racism Hoax

NEWSFLASH: Black Lives Matter and leftists contend that group disparities in our justice system and in rates of police killings result from systematic/structural/institutional biases and discrimination yet conveniently ignore the largest disparities, and all disparities they don’t like. In 2015,… 0 Shares |

Obama Enacts Sweeping Gun Control to End Gun Violence!

Obama has finally pushed through much needed gun control policies via executive order today beyond our wildest imagination. Finally using his executive powers to strengthen our country and for the greater good by moving to reduce gun violence. Someone needed… 0 Shares |

Oregon Standoff, “Terrorists” and Racial Double Standards

Here is a link to a video showing, once again, that it is the Federal government and its agents who are engaged in terrorist acts and violence, and that there is absolutely nothing that they can’t get away with. As… 0 Shares |

Is Gun Control for the Mentally Ill Insane?

This is a message for gun-rights advocates and champions of the second amendment who are supporting the notion of gun control for the “mentally ill”. An idea that has been resurrected and pushed with greater fervor after each recent mass… 0 Shares |