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NLP Tips for Success: How to Get Yourself to Focus

There comes a time in everyone’s day that they are going to have to focus, pay attention to detail, and remember that information. It’s just a part of life. But some people have a hard time getting themselves to focus… 0 Shares |

The Power of Self-Belief to Reach your Goals

When I was young I went with several of my friends on a hike. Each person had a different attitude toward being there in the first place. One very young girl who was so small she has a hard time… 0 Shares |

Тор 6 Веnеfіts оf Gіnsеng

Gіnsеng іs јust оnе оf mаnу Еаst Аsіаn wоndеr hеrbs. Іt’s іn а fаmіlу оf 11 реrеnnіаl рlаnts thаt hаvе а rісh аnd flеshу rооt аnd іs full оf nutrіtіоn. Тhе рlаnt іs nоt јust fоund іn Еаst Аsіа–іt’s аlsо… 0 Shares |

Where 88% of Addicted Teens Get Their Prescription Drugs

Human history of drug addiction is long, but it really picks up steam around the time of the second Industrial Revolution. It was during this time that great advancements in chemistry were being achieved at a rapid pace. Of particular… 0 Shares |

Osteoporosis in men: Facts and recommendations the mainstream won’t tell you

Osteoporosis is a severely underestimated threat for men. It is much more common than most people assume. A shocking one in four bone breaks are suffered by men who have osteoporosis. Statistics show that men are at a higher risk… 0 Shares |

Are Your Desk Job and Commute Killing You?

Did you know that you can increase your risk of dying by 40%, double your cardiovascular disease, decrease your pancreatic function, ramp up your colon cancer by 35%, increase the risk of IBS and celiac disease, as well as wreck… 0 Shares |

Gut Health and Depression: What You Need to Know

The bacteria in our body has quite an effect on who we are. They were originally thought to be irrelevant to the health of humans at best or were seen as potential carriers of malignant diseases at worse. Research at… 0 Shares |

Paxil and risk of breast cancer

Anti-depressant Paxil and risk of breast cancer… By Courtney Blair Depression is a serious illness that affects a lot of people and it’s not something we’d ever want a love one to go through. Likewise, cancer can have devastating effects… 0 Shares |

Negligence and Malpractice Soaring in the Medical Industry

Negligence is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit in the healthcare industry. Over the past century, soaring litigation and administrative oversight have caused quite a bit of reform in how healthcare providers operate. However, some medical practitioners… 0 Shares |

Insulin and Breast Cancer: What You Should Know

Insulin and breast cancer? Yes. These two are not often associated in the public mind, but if you suspect your insulin levels are elevated, you should be concerned about breast cancer, among other things. High insulin is generally associated with… 0 Shares |