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‘Screen’-ing for Migraines

We live in a digital world. It seems virtually nothing can resist becoming—well, virtual. Relationships start, develop, and fall apart on social media; the democratic process relies more than ever on connecting to voters online; storefronts are all but irrelevant… 0 Shares |

Killing With Kindness: A Different Type of Stress

America is pretty stressed out. From overworking to worrying about money and bills, the country is packed with people at wits’ end. And while worrying about stress is unlikely to help relieve it, the harmful health effects of stress are… 0 Shares |

Green Doesn’t Always Mean Natural

If the government really cared about the environment, they would ban lawns.   The grass typically used as ground cover—often the sole landscaping feature surrounding American homes—is a black hole for water, as well as a dumping ground for chemicals… 0 Shares |

Big Data Poses Big Threat to FDA

There are hosts of ‘Big’ actors in the health industry that make the Big, Bad Wolf look like a saint: Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Oil, Big Corporations, Big Government, and Big Brother— the list itself is getting rather big.… 0 Shares |

Midwives: Your Natural Health Advocates

For thousands of years, women around the world have successfully survived and reproduced without the benefit of hospitals, drugs, or anything remotely ‘modern.’ Yet somehow, keeping humanity alive and growing over the centuries has failed to make us experts on… 0 Shares |