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Manuka honey – 24 Carat or fools gold?

Manuka honey can be represented with all sorts of numbers on the label which can be very confusing for the buyer. Unfortunately there are no current regulations regarding what is on the label of Manuka honey, it is up to… 0 Shares |

Manuka Honey Tested Against Typhoid

In a new study in Pakistan 100 different floral honeys were tested for activity against typhoid. The summary shows that although a proportion of these samples displayed high levels of peroxide activity (where the honey produces hydrogen peroxide in the… 0 Shares |

Why you should treat Eczema with Manuka honey cream

  Eczema infection is becoming more common and in many clinics it is the most common skin infection in children. There appear to be a range of causes for eczema including food, stress and environmental factors. Many young eczema sufferers… 0 Shares |