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Bergamot – Immensely Potent Cholesterol-Lowering and Heart-Protecting Fruit

You have probably adopted a healthy lifestyle and taken many types of natural products in the hope to reverse heart diseases due to clogged arteries or to maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels to protect against heart disease. Yes. You… 0 Shares |

10 Nutrients Not Provided By Animal-Based Foods

Many people today especially children and teenagers eat more meats compared to that of their ancestors in olden days. At the same time, they eat less and less plant-based foods especially vegetables and fruits. There are differences between animal-based and… 0 Shares |

7 Chest Pains Often Mistaken for A Heart Attack

Experiencing chest pain can be terrifying, especially when you immediately assume it is a heart attack. And you would definitely call 911 to get immediate medical attention. IMPORTANT NOTE: However, if you experience unexplained, sudden, or severe pain, you should… 0 Shares |

Liquid Lime Extract Offers At Least 15 Health Benefits

All this while, there are perhaps thousands of articles discuss lemon water health benefits. On the other hand, very few articles that I have come across discuss lime water health benefits. As far as I know, liquid lime extract health… 0 Shares |

Have Period Symptoms? Here Are The Best Foods You Can Use To Reduce Them

Many women experience some levels of discomforts during periods. Fortunately, the symptoms can be prevented or reduced by taking the right foods. Many factors are said to contribute to the discomforts during your period which manifests as inflammation (pain), bloating,… 0 Shares |

17 Cancer Prevention Strategies

About one of every three Americans will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime. In addition, World Cancer Research Fund International analysis shows that about a third of the most common cancers are preventable through a nutritious diet, maintaining… 0 Shares |