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Dancing Brook is my Indian name. I have been spiritually adopted by the Nemenhah Indian tribe and am fulfilling my calling as a Native American Medicine Woman. The Creator has given us everything we need for vibrant health in the form of plants, and it is my passion to learn everything I can about these very special medicines that grow wild on every continent, even in the oceans. Our ancestors didn't take a pill whenever they felt ill, they sought comfort and healing in their food and in their knowledge of medicinal plants. Sacred ceremonies were also extremely important to bring healing to the whole body, spirit and soul. It is my desire to learn and continue to learn everything possible about the ways of Native American medicine.

A Cabin in the Woods of Northern Michigan

Have you ever dreamed of living in the midst of nature, away from the chaotic noise and interruptions of modern society? If you have, we share a beautiful and tranquil desire to change our paradigm and begin living WITH Mother… 0 Shares |